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What People Say

NLP feedback

Fran’s help has been a real lifeline in times of stress.  We have suffered with long term illness in the family and her help has been essential with stress relief and keeping a positive attitude to life.  I whole heartedly suggest you contact Fran for help and advice.

Mrs A  Wymondham

Mindfulness feedback on MBSR

  • Very beneficial, more aware of myself, other people and surroundings
  • A sense of growing, more aware of self and others. A sense of belonging with like minded people. I feel very grateful for having the experience
  • I feel a calmer person. I am able to enjoy more that life has to offer. I can deal with low mood periods easier.
  • Doing a 3 step breathing space at the dentist relieved a great deal of stress and lead to a positive experience.
  • I’ve learnt strategies and techniques to deal with life in the 21st
  • I’m learning to be a more relaxed content person.
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  • I’m learning to enjoy the ups and deal with the setbacks
  • I enjoy pleasant experiences more and notice my internal dialogue
  • Insight into my thought processes
  • Learnt to be kinder to myself
  • I have noticed that I am calmer and less fraught in same ongoing situations
  • I am more able to ”verbalise”- speaking out rather than pressing down emotions
  • I feel more content in myself, more able to cope with life generally – optimistic about the future
  • I feel lighter more relaxed and positive – able to cope more effectively and efficiently with my make up both inwardly and outwardly.
  • Although I’ve found it difficult at times I know this is all down to my own mindstate and mental health.
  • I have used mindfulness at work, in relationships, to communicate, stress reduction, to comfort others.
  • A better way to live my life.
  • I learned to notice things, accept things. Not to judge myself.
  • Gave me the confidence to feel okay about slowing down for mental health recovery.
  • I am more at ease with myself.
  • How useful it is to take time out for myself each day.
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