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Wellbeing and Nature

Recently some of us have been questioning are relationships. In this instance the one we share with nature. Fortunately for us the connection between human beings and the natural world is gradually taking centre stage. Media has demonstrated the link between our health and happiness and how it is integral to the world around us.…

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Mindfulness and The Joy of Dirty Veg

My lovely friend Karen Black, got in touch, offering some fresh organic veg from a local Farmshare group – Norwich Farmshare – that she couldn’t use. Yes please! I received a bag of unidentifiable vegetables, and lots of them. What were they? Caked in mud, I couldn’t tell the carrots from the parsnips. Yes, real…

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water bottle

Running the Marriotts Way Norfolk

Running or walking the Marriotts way is a familiar route for me. So passersby that I recognize, often catch my eye and I give a smile or nod, sometimes exchanging hello, good morning, other times nothing. One particular lady stands out with her fluorescent jacket and bicycle. Her bags bulging with bottles, cans and plastic…

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Rainy Day

The weather recently has been wet, and Sunday was particularly wet. Did it stop at all!!! I’m not sure. However, having spent a morning on the sofa watching T.V I was beginning to feel a bit stir crazy and had the need to move. We have recently lost out dog Rubi and for me this…

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tree trunk


I am beginning to think that my running practice allows for a space to create and reflect. It is often during a run when I consciously choose to think, (as a form of distraction) and with these thoughts ideas about work or creating/changing come to the forefront. My route is very familiar to me as…

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Buddha Bird

Mindfulness Of The Personal Kind

Some reflecting on my own Mindfulness Practice So, the one and only way to experience mindfulness is through the self. It is an experiential.  It is not something that can be directly taught following a lesson plan with an expectation or predetermined goal at the end. The reason for this is that mindfulness is just…

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old dog

Lesson From The Visitor

So this morning I got up attentively sniffing the air as I descended the stairs…the dogs got up coming to my side, except for the visitor, she stayed laying, due to deafness, due to blindness, or due to the fact that she had shit again in the middle room and she was avoiding my anger,…

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