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Life Coaching and Support

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The way in which I offer coaching and support to others, is by walking beside that person on a path created by them in response, to learning about themselves. I bring tools and exercises to encourage self-awareness and insight for the individual to choose from. A collaborative way of working together with an attitude of compassion and acceptance.

It’s not just a question of knowing what you want in life it is understanding how to get it.

We all at some stage in our lives need a helping hand, a friendly ear, a shoulder to lean on, or someone to notice that perhaps that we haven’t smiled or laughed, that our mood has been subdued, low or that we appeared quieter than normal not our usual selves.

Life delivers a steady stream of events, illness, loss, stress, unwanted change. It is part of what being human is all about and inevitable. How we respond to life changes can determine what follows next. For some of us certain events can leave us feeling vulnerable, alone, indecisive, lost and confused, lacking in choice and many other feelings besides.

For all of us the goal posts can shift, take us out of our comfort zone. It could be a work-related issue, a change of direction in our career. A personal or professional relationship that is causing conflict. Or perhaps it’s a financial concern spiralling out of control.

Maybe the challenge is health related and whatever has happened, physically or mentally has knocked your confidence and what used to come easily like shopping or being around strangers now causes anxiety and you find yourself isolated and relying on others to meet your needs.

leap of faith

As time marches on we can get caught up in situations, relationships and positions. Limiting beliefs that may have served a positive purpose once upon a time and now leave us wanting, needing unable to move, stuck and in worse cases hopeless. We may not even know that limiting beliefs exist.

Life coaching and support can offer a way forward, a goal, a purpose, an outcome to work towards, a possible solution that has come directly from you with compassion and guidance and encouragement. Nurturing your answers to your challenges in life…

Welcome to The Art of Being You.

leap of faith

Prices for 1:1 Life Coaching

Initial assessment 1 – 2 hours £45.00.     Following sessions £35.00 per hour.

(concessions apply)


Costs are subject to circumstance e.g. travel distance and room hire.

All Life Coaching sessions are available for delivery in the workplace for staff or client groups prices for these are upon request and circumstance dependent.

Please feel free to email or call 07402732237 with any questions.