Wellbeing and Nature

Recently some of us have been questioning are relationships. In this instance the one we share with nature. Fortunately for us the connection between human beings and the natural world is gradually taking centre stage. Media has demonstrated the link between our health and happiness and how it is integral to the world around us.…

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Mindfulness and The Joy of Dirty Veg

My lovely friend Karen Black, got in touch, offering some fresh organic veg from a local Farmshare group – Norwich Farmshare – that she couldn’t use. Yes please! I received a bag of unidentifiable vegetables, and lots of them. What were they? Caked in mud, I couldn’t tell the carrots from the parsnips. Yes, real…

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water bottle

Running the Marriotts Way Norfolk

Running or walking the Marriotts way is a familiar route for me. So passersby that I recognize, often catch my eye and I give a smile or nod, sometimes exchanging hello, good morning, other times nothing. One particular lady stands out with her fluorescent jacket and bicycle. Her bags bulging with bottles, cans and plastic…

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