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About Me

My Name is Francesca Cognetti.

francesca cognetti

When you come across something that really works for you, whether it’s an affordable effective anti-wrinkle cream or an eco-detergent that really does remove grease, or possibly a car polish that does last for more than a day, what do you do with this new found product? Perhaps you make good use of it and spread the word. As with an effective product, an activity or practice that makes you feel better could be something that you would want to share.

st century hustle and bustle

So here I am, and my intention is to share with you Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistics Therapy and coaching. From my own experience of NLP and practicing Mindfulness I have enhanced my life and connected with all areas of what it means to be human. My mindfulness practice helps me live my life with more kindness and self-compassion and enriches my way of being in the world.

I continue to learn and discover better responses to managing living in the 21st Century and understand now that avoiding and pushing away feelings and thoughts that are painful or unpleasant won’t make them go away. I try my best to “fall awake” to my experiences whatever they may be, and I notice more and more the familiar auto -pilot patterns that in the past have reduced my ability to choose before I act.


I have been delivering Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses for over 6 years, to in-patients on secure wards, NHS staff, local charity organisations and the general public. Recently I worked closely with the Royal College of Nursing on a set of videos for Nursing staff to assist in wellbeing for those who have the wellbeing of others as a priority.

I am currently freelance delivering wellbeing groups, Mindfulness 8-week courses, Mindfulness Compassionate Living, Meditation workshops and working with individuals using NLP, creativity and Mindfulness. The work that I do is in response to the needs and requirements of the person or group.

mindful practice being present

After graduating from Art School as a mature student, I began working in mental health rehabilitation. It was working in this area for a Mental Health charity that I achieved my Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I continued working in this field and later qualified as an NLP master Practitioner. My interest and curiosity into my own psychology and that of others has always been a driving force behind my work. Whilst working on a psychiatric secure unit, I was given the opportunity to attend the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course and a year later I had done my teacher training and was delivering to staff and patients in the hospital. I haven’t looked back since.



  • BA HONs First division Norwich University of the Arts 1998
  • Post Graduate Certificate In Education 2006 Anglia Ruskin University
  • NLP Coaching Practitioner 2009 Sulis Consulting in association with Global NLP Training and Consulting Community
  • Eye Movement Integration Therapy 2009 Sulis Consulting in association with Global NLP Training and Consulting Community
  • NLP Master practitioner in Holistic Health and Wellbeing 2010 Sulis Consulting in association with Global NLP Training and Consulting Community
  • Teacher Training in Personality Disorder Knowledge and Understanding Framework 2012 Dept of Health and Ministry of Justice
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training retreat Bangor University 2013
  • Mindfulness based Compassionate living teacher training retreat August 2019 Mindfulness Network

My Values



I believe we all can be creative. It may be gardening, painting cooking, writing. Perhaps you pay attention to details, the way in which your home is decorated or the enjoyment you feel when telling a story, making someone laugh. At work when faced with challenges are you the one who jumps straight into problem solving mode!

I love to help others connect with their creativity and I enjoy my time immensely when I have time to simply explore my own. I have also found that being creative has a soothing quality and can be beneficial and have a calming affect when we are feeling at a lost, stressed, confused or we just need to take time out. It gives the thinking mind a rest.


hearts desire

Starting with self-respect which can sometimes be overlooked. We may expect to be respected by others, yet it can be lacking for ourselves. How often do we touch base with our own respect and where do we find it? It can be mirrored in the way we treat ourselves when life doesn’t go according to plan or the way in which we allow others to treat us. We can find that respecting others comes easier than respecting ourselves. Personally, gaining self-respect has been a long time in the making and one of my most valuable life lessons learnt. Respect for others is something that is part of my practice and allows me to interact openly, but it doesn’t mean that I always agree.



To be and feel connected is a value that I cherish and hold dear to my heart. To acknowledge another human being with a nod or smile. To have eye contact and share a difficulty or delight with another person. To walk beside someone in silence. To know that you are not alone in the world and that others can feel like you, can have things in common and be affected like you by just being human.

And then there is feeling connected to the world around you. To feel the support by the earth beneath your feet. To notice sights and sounds of the natural world. Perhaps the companionship from pets, the unconditional love given by the animals we choose to bring into our lives. For the very gift of being on this planet with the abundance of life and variety that surrounds us.



I like to do a good job, not really for the praise although positive feedback is always great to receive, but more for my own personal sense of integrity. To be and give my best whenever I can. Whether it is to pay full attention when listening or to stand in front of a group of people and be as honest and open as I can be. Integrity is also about standing up for what you believe in. To role model rather that just talk about values. It means choosing courage over comfort. I often find that when working for other people it is my integrity that can alert me to issues out of my control and signal that it’s time to move on.



It is compassion in my own practice that has given me self-acceptance. I no longer have the inner conflicts that could last for hours, days even. The self-talk stuck in a loop repeating the same old same old. Compassion and kindness entered and cut short the torment and eased the suffering. It is self-compassion that has nurtured the courage to be in touch with my vulnerability and know that it’s perfectly ok to feel vulnerable. My intention is to bring compassion into the lives of others so peace and acceptance can grow.

When I’m not working

with partner and family

I’m so lucky that I enjoy so many activities and recently I am more able to step outside of my comfort zone to explore things that I previously thought impossible.

My biggest achievement recently has been to learn to swim under water (a huge fear from way back) and I’m first mate on a small sailboat which is a new venture for me. I thank my beautiful partner for that.

I love to walk and BE in nature, all senses awake to the experience. I enjoy cooking for myself and others and spending time with family and friends.

Music and dancing play a big role in my life and it’s not often you will find me without a book on the go.

I like to have creative projects close to hand and really like sharing what I have created whether its homemade jam or upcycled wind chimes. I find that it is the process of creativity where the enjoyment lies and once it’s over, I’m thinking of my next project.

art on wall in london giving support

So, if you are reading this seeking out someone or something that can help you on your journey and your way in life. To become more content, healthier physically and mentally, with an honest openness, willing to be curious and explore who you are then ….

Welcome to The Art of Being You.