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Mindfulness, Meditation, Coaching & NLP

Insights into ways of being
for a happier, healthier you

It’s all about you.


Imagine dedicating time and space just for you!


My name is Francesca and I’m a Mindfulness Facilitator, Neuro-Linguistics Master Practitioner and Wellbeing Coach.

francesca cognetti mindfulness nlp meditation coach

I’m here to help and support you access the tools for change.

For a better way of being, a healthier and happy life.

lost found and searching

Is this you?

  • A person with anxiety
  • Depressed
  • Stuck in a rut at work /in relationships
  • Unable to voice how you feel
  • Don’t know how you feel/numb
  • Lonely/isolated
  • Tired /stressed
  • Caught up in repeated patterns of behaviour
  • Dissatisfied with life
lost found and searching

This list is endless. In the 21st century we can struggle with so many aspects of our lives. As human beings we will experience illness, ageing, (how we look) and loss in many forms.

Add to that, nagging feelings to achieve, to be better at our jobs, in our relationships, to have more. Food on the table. Car in the garage. Latest smart phone. To strive for status, climb the corporate ladder. Juggle work, family, friends and sleep well at night. Blimey I feel exhausted just writing this.

We all need support and help at some point in our lives. (Whether we like to admit it or not). I know I have, and this is one of my truths.

help and support
create a different path for yourself

What I know from my personal and professional experience is no person is an island. Once you reach out for help, taking steps, (however small to begin with), you can create a different path for yourself.

I will walk beside you, sit beside you, I will listen, pay attention and together we will work together towards the art of being you.

We will do this by building self-awareness, cultivating self-compassion and kindness and nourishing your ability to notice what exists within you.

create a different path for yourself

You can choose to work with me on a 1:1 basis or join in the group sessions. See my services

Get in touch and we can talk about your needs and decide the best way forward for you.

If there is a part of you interested, curious and willing to give it ago. Don’t wait, don’t give yourself time to over think and push away.

The time is now, it always is.


Don’t just take my word, check out the feedback in the About page.

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